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Scan any TV. Hear it on your phone. Right now. Get your ears in on the game! Don’t watch a muted TV when you can TUNE IN! Perfect for any waiting room, bar, and anything of the sort.


Why Tunity?

What is Tunity?

Tunity allows you to scan a muted Live TV and get the audio streamed directly to your phone.

What do I do?

Simply scan any Live TV for one second and the app will identify the channel and stream the synchronized audio.

Does it need location access?

We need your location to better detect the channel you want to hear, estimate delay and help sync the audio to the video. TV channels are slightly different everywhere you go, so this helps us figure out the exact channel you want to hear.

Can I use it on every channel?

Currently the app supports 100 channels (Tap “Supported Channels“ on the Settings page for an up-to-date list). for an up-to-date list). For now Tunity works in the USA only.

Do I need to be connected to the internet?

Yes. Tunity will work on your device only if it is connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network (3G, 4G LTE, etc.). Since we only stream audio, the service will consume only a small amount of data.

Can I use it everywhere?

It's perfect to use at a sports bar, gym, airport, waiting room, and even at home. The audio will only work if you are in close proximity to the TV.

"Just scan a nearby TV and listen in on the action! It's saved me from many periods of boredom in waiting rooms."
Felix Kjellberg
Valued Customer

"Great app for passing the time and catching that program away from home"

Valued Customer

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