NMIX 4110

New Media Production

About NMIX 4110

New Media Production is a course designed as part of the NMI curriculum to teach students about web development. Throughout the course, we learned how to build websites using HTML/CSS/Javascript along with how to leverage tools such as Bootstrap and WordPress to make our sites more responsive and essentially, better!

Key Takeaways

My experience in the New Media Production course was definitely an exciting one. I appreciated learning about the different cutting-edge web development technologies and how to use them. For me, personally, the greatest things that I took away from this course were the search methods that we uncovered along the way. The inspect tool in browsers, the ability to read through documentation to make changes or even figure out what's going on behind the scenes of websites are all amazing concepts that I probably never would have learned without the certificate. These skills are definitely ones that I'll carry with me as I move on to new adventures in my professional career and I know for a fact I'll be using them.