New Media Portfolio

Why New Media?

New Media Certificate

The New Media Institute is an interdisciplinary academic unit of the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Georgia. The NMI offers a New Media Certificate, which is the largest certificate program at the university. The certificate is centered on the idea of one main concept: making students "technowledgable". NMI blend the minds of faculty, staff, students, and industry leaders to provide a variety of exciting courses to encourage students to learn and challenge themselves to integrate new media technologies with applications in their field of choice.

Practical Skills

The New Media certificate was designed to give students with non-technical backgrounds some creative technical skills that they can use in the workplace and in everyday life.

Innovative projects

The NMI is committed to the students' education and challenges students to go outside of the norms to hone new skills and create amazing applications using the latest digital media technologies.

Outstanding Support

Although the team behind the NMI is relatively small, the NMI staff are emerging media professionals that do everything they can to support and enhance student learning.

My Journey

Why I Chose New Media

As a student here at the University of Georgia studying Management Information Systems, I knew I would have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of technical skills and innovative ways to handle information and data. However, when I discovered the New Media certificate, I couldn't help but be interested in it. The NMI seemed like a great opportunity for me to find a happy place between the geeky/tech-y sides of technology and the fun uses for it as well! The courses I've taken so far have really opened my perspective on digital technologies and challenged me to be more unique with my work. I definitely see myself benefitting from the lessons I've learned and friendships I've built as an NMI student.

NMIX Courses

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New Media Production
Web Development